VS Vending not just selling products and equipment…WE SELL SOLUTIONS! We give the best services through our sub company, Adventure Vending.

“Heavy emphasis on localized marketing and to develop the best local sales network with the best sales personal relationship in the business, so as to reach out to the end user.”

Our consultants are ready to tackle any given situation. Expert solutions come from water filtration experts. That’s what you can expect from ADVENTURE Vending.

Our product sells well in the domestic and commercial market, ensures our customers a pure clean, healthy, safe and tasty source of water in an economical, ecological, and time-saving manner, through its wide range of products.

One of our goals has been to inform people about the dangers of contaminants in tap water. Many of us are unaware of the possible risks that we could expose ourselves too simply by drinking water we have always thought to be safe, life-giving liquid.
With these facts we not only sell but also educate customer on the important of clean water.


Services that we provide:

  • Sales & Reconditioned Vending Machines
  • Maintenance & Repairing of Vending Machines
  • Installation & service on Location
  • Supply & Repair ICT , NRI & CASH CODE payment system
  • Provided Vending Machines Services
  • Sales & Purchase Vending Machines Products , Spare Parts & etc