Business Opportunity

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When you look into starting a new business, it can become confusing with all of the possibilities… But it does not have to be a difficult task. You will need to take money factory into account such as growth possibilities, financial stability even during economic down times, management requirements, inventory investment, longevity of the industry and initial investment.

When you are ready to invest your hard earned money, you want to be sure that you are investing in a business with high degree of economic stability while still giving you then best Return On your Investment (ROI).

The Beverage Vending Machine is rather unique investment opportunities. While the industry offer excellent ROI with minimal investment, the Soft drink Vending Machine offer an excellent owner absentee opportunities.

The Beverage Vending Machine has almost 50 years of experience n to the coin operated industry. Together with the manufacture we represent, you are assured of the finest quality equipment, design and support available today.

To learn more about the exciting opportunity waiting of you in this industry, our knowledge and professional new business consultant will answer any questions you may have or to help you get started on your exciting new business venture.


  • Multi-Coin RM0.10, RM0.20, RM0.50, RM1.00, RM5.00
  • Total Reliability
  • Steel Construction
  • Modern Appearance
  • Easy maintenance and low service cost
  • Environment adaptability
  • Intelligent current network: Enable to supply lowest electric current with the maximum chill. At only RM1.00 for 24 hours used.
  • Top –up Refund Coin (Optimal refund coin acceptor) at one RM0.10 slot. Maximum capacity coins up to RM10.00. Adjustable capacity.
  • Coin Box: When top-up refund coins full, coins automatically gets into box, capacity – RM500.00 multi coins.
  • Coin-Max (Electronic coin validator) the mother of the machine. The board/ validator/ coin acceptor that work to accept only genuine coins. Maintenance need to be service once twice at least a week.
  • Chiller/ Motor (Compressor). Last for more than 10 years, works to chill the can, bottle and packet drink, make the drink in fresh. Condition at customer satisfaction. Consume only a minimum current supply.
  • 24 selection, 30 selection, 36 selection. For a machine than an fit in 500 cans up to 800 can with a minimal space needed. Both investors and consumers requirement.
  • Meter Reader: Every can, bottle packet drinks drop, number will automatically counts. All investors/ owner to itemized items and profits.

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